Advanced Optoelectronics Components
Leading the way in advanced optoelectronics
Light Guide
The light guide plate is an important part of backlight module components
Light Guide(圖)
Backlight Module(圖)
Backlight Module
Because the LCD panel itself does not emit light, it is necessary to add a backlight module that projects a light source behind the LCD panel to allow the light to pass through the LCD and transmit the picture information to a viewer.
Mini LED Backlight
This new backlight display technology enriches a viewer’s visual experience by enhancing color contrast and making the image clearer and sharper.
Mini LED Backlight(圖)
Fine Metal Mask(圖)
Fine Metal Mask
A fine metal mask is used in OLED evaporation procedure. The OLED evaporation process requires a thin film with millions of specific patterns. The specific pattern is evaporated on the substrate in the OLED panel manufacturing process.
EFM : Precision Electroforming Mask
The precision electroforming mask is an important part of backlight module components. Various dot layouts channel light which improves the module’s brightness and luminance.
EFM : Precision Electroforming Mask(圖)
When integrating printed electronics technology with in-mold decoration (IMD), the circuit, touch, IC, and so forth, are concentrated in one part, which can be formed in 3D.The product is smaller, lighter and thinner which saves assembly time and cost.