EFM : Precision Electroforming Mask(圖) EFM : Precision Electroforming Mask(圖)

EFM : Precision Electroforming Mask

Precision electroforming technology is used for high thickness, high/depth/width ratio, small pixel, and high precision molds. These are mainly used in transfer casting molds, precision molds, and semiconductor precision component molds.
High-precision Electroforming Stencil

A precision electroforming stencil is usually used for molds. An electroforming plate has the characteristics of high precision, small pitch and high/depth/width ratio.

High-precision Electroforming Stencil(圖) High-precision Electroforming Stencil(圖)
Micro Cup Mold

The micro cup is processed by electroforming to form cup-shaped concave and convex grooves on the metal mold.

Micro Cup Mold(圖) Micro Cup Mold(圖)
Product Features
Product Features(圖) Product Features(圖)
Electroforming Processing Capability
Electroforming Processing Capability(圖) Electroforming Processing Capability(圖)