Mini LED Backlight(圖) Mini LED Backlight(圖)

Mini LED Backlight

This new backlight display technology enriches a viewer’s visual experience by enhancing color contrast and making the image clearer and sharper.
Mini LED Film/Plate

This technology can be used to design ultra-thin laptops 0.3mm thinner than others. Its special structure increases the overall luminous efficiency by 5% compared with other products, and can reduce LED usage by 20%.

Mini LED Film/Plate(圖) Mini LED Film/Plate(圖)
Car display LCD display Laptop
Patented Light Guide Lens

Due to the patented design of the light guide lens, the thickness of direct-lit and edge-lit are the same which enables extraordinarily high brightness, high contrast, and wide color range.

Patented Light Guide Lens(圖) Patented Light Guide Lens(圖)
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