Smart Healthcare(圖) Smart Healthcare(圖)

Smart Healthcare

High-tech display for precise diagnosis and treatment.
Smart HealthcareSystem
In the field of smart healthcare, Darwin's public display series products provide doctors, patients and their families with real-time, complete medical information, enhancing the quality of medical services through integrating the scheduling system, outpatient system, and health education information. In addition, e-paper displays, antibacterial curtains and other related products are also provided to improve the overall medical service level of hospitals or clinics.
Smart Healthcare(圖)
Medical E-paper Products
In the interests of enabling paperless, sterile medical environments, Darwin’s electronic paper signage for medical use features low power consumption, blue ray eye protection and is environmentally friendly. It can be set up in the public area of the hospital as a bulletin board to display real time messages or used in the consultation room calling system, registration and billing system and more.
Medical Touch Display
Medical touch displays have high resolution, high brightness and multi-touch functions. The unique bonding technology reduces reflections, and can be applied to various portable medical devices, such as portable ultrasound displays.
Non-magnetic Display for Medical Use
The non-magnetic display is made from non-magnetic material, which reduces interference with precision medical instruments. It is suitable for use in precision devices and equipment such as MRI diagnosis and treatment rooms to improve the accuracy of medical instruments.
Medical Glasses-free 3D Display
Medical glasses-free 3D displays use unique optical components and bonding technology, allowing medical staff to experience 3D image effects without wearing any glasses. They are suitable for use in medical instruments such as endoscopes and accurately display real-world 3D images.
Antibacterial Electronic Curtain
Antibacterial electronic curtains feature antibacterial independent compartments, high light transmission and guard privacy. They are suitable for use in hospitals, isolation rooms, examination rooms and infant nursery rooms. They provide a sterile, comfortable and private environment.