Smart Education(圖) Smart Education(圖)

Smart Education

Unique eye-catching teaching and immersive visual experience
Smart EducationSystem
Smart education entails online and offline synchronous learning through computers, tablets and other mobile communication devices. Darwin applies the principles of smart education to improve the quality of the teaching experience for both teachers and students. Darwin’s displays feature high saturation, high resolution screens that give teachers and students a sense of interaction as if they are immediately present to each other. Electronic whiteboards are also popular to the point of completely
Smart Education(圖)
Electronic Whiteboard
This electronic whiteboard features a wide viewing angle, high brightness, multi-point capacitive touch which provides a silky-smooth writing experience. It can be used in schools for interactive teaching, in enterprises, hospitals, startups, public institutions, and also for conference discussion platforms.
E-paper Tablet
E-paper provides a paper-like reading interface and handwriting support function. It is suitable for corporate office documents, doctors' brief notes, and lawyers' notes to name a few of its applications.