Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

the Company approved the assignment of Kuo-Tai Ching, the CFO, as the corporate governance officer. His qualifications meet the requirements set out in Article 3-1, Paragraph 1, the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies. He will be in charge of supervising and planning the following corporate governance matters, to secure shareholders’ interests and enhance the functions of the Board of Directors. The personnel of the Finance Department in charge of share affairs are assigned as the corporate governance personnel as well, to implement matters related to the corporate governance.

Functions of the corporate governance officers are:
  • Handling matters relating to Board of Directors' meetings and shareholders' meetings according to laws.
  • Producing minutes of Board of Directors' meetings and shareholders' meetings.
  • Assisting in on-boarding and continuing education of directors.
  • Furnishing information required for business execution by directors.
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors on the results of its review of the compliance of the qualifications of Independent Directors with the relevant laws and regulations at the time of their nomination, election and during their term of office.
  • Handling matter relating to the change of Directors.
  • Regularly review and amend the Company’s Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles and the related operating procedures.
  • Reporting the implementation of corporate governance affairs to the Board of Directors annually.
The Directors and The Coporate Governance Officer's training course: