Corporate Governance

Organization BOD & Functional Committees Major Internal Regulations Internal Audit Risk Management Intellectual Property Management


Responsibilities and functions of major departments
DepartmentMajor business
Auditing OfficeAudit and assess all internal controls and recommend improvements, promote the efficiency and effective implementation of internal controls.
SH Div.Establish the regulations in terms of risk management, environment and health and safety, while planning and promoting the related objects.
Sales Center
Integration Sales Center
Establish the annual plans based on the market and client demands; in charge of sales of parts and components, channel management and customer services; coordinate the related internal functions and external clients, in order to meet the operating targets by accommodating the Company's policies.
RD CenterIn charge of development of new products and core technology applications, R&D project management, assessment of introducing new products and R&D Intellectual Property Management.
XM Site /WJ Site/DY FabIn charge of control over the production progress and materials status; maintain production equipment, environmental and occupational safety; motivate employees to pursue quality; develop or assess new testing equipment and technologies, in order to enhance efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs continuously.
Precisions Device BUIn charge of product development and production with regards to FMM, new materials and next-generation FMM, while actively expanding clients, meeting the order demands of clients and being committed to the revenue and profit targets set by the Company.
QM CenterPlan the quality management system company-wide; control the procurement, process and shipment quality, as well as the planning of the external and internal audits.
Finance CenterFinance, accounting, taxation and cost management; prepare financial statements, analyses, control and provide forecast report.
Mgt. Sup. Div.Coordinate resources of human resource management, supply chain management, information management and sustainable management:
  • HR Management:Formulate, publish, implement and communicate the regulations and systems related to human resources.
  • SCM Management:In charge of procuring raw materials, production equipment, machines and parts required for production; in charge of establishing partnership with suppliers and constructing/completing the supplier system; management of production scheduling, annual inventory management, etc.
  • IT Management:Establish, improve, implement and maintain the information management system.
  • ESG Sustainable Management: Plan, promote and implement sustainability related business.
Education & Experience of Chairman and CEO, President, Vice President and CFO
TitleNameMajor industrial/educational background
Chairman and CEOKuo-Hsin (Michael) TsaiExecutive M.B.A., National Chiao Tung University
President & COO, AUO Corporation
PresidentSheng-Kai (SK) HuangMaster of Business Administration EMBA, National Taiwan University
Master of Physics, National Cheng Kung University
Vice President of Circular Economy, AUO Corporation
Chairman & President, U-Fresh Technology Inc.
Vice PresidentKC FengEMBA, National Central University
Associate President, Resources and Material, AUO Corporation
Chief Finance OfficerKuo-Tai ChingMaster’s, Risk Management and Insurance, National Cheng Chi University
Department Head, Chien Hua Bank