Overview & Policies

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Ethical Corporate Management Performance

Integrity Operation and prevention is supervised by HR department and report to the Board of Directors annually.


2023 CoursesAttendeeTraining Hours
Ethics and Integrity Course3577643.7
Antiturst Law Cases Study and Dissemination1717
  1. Integrity and ethics are implanted into operational strategy, and drafted prevention of bribing by following the law
  2. Evaluating the risk of dishonest behaviors regularly and establish preventing actions
  3. Establish mutual monitoring system for high-risk operation behavior
  4. Promotion and cordination of integrity policy training
  5. Design reporting system
  6. Review and evalute relevant business procedures and report to board of directors regularly
The prevention of following actions
  1. Prohibition of bribing 
  2. Prohibition of political contributions 
  3. Prohibition of inappropriate donation and sponsor of charities
  4. Prohibition of giving and receiving gifts, hospitality or other inappropriate benefits 
  5. Prohibition of violating trade secret, trademark, patent, copyright, and other intellectual property rights 
  6. Prohibition of unfair competition 
  7. Prevention of products or services violating stakeholders